Shawn Davis I.T. Management Advisor

1465 Woodbury Ave., #110
Portsmouth, NH 03801

+1 603-707-2309shawn@ptltd.coschedule

Shawn is the founder of a number of entrepreneurial ventures; most recently, the Legendary Consulting Group — a management consultancy specializing in planning, process improvement and personal productivity for I.T. organizations; and the Business Acceleration Zone — a coaching and training service focused on people, processes, and technology for the small to medium-sized enterprise.

For almost 20 years, Shawn has lived, breathed, and sometimes coughed up information technology, and is a master of both planning and process.

He's also supervised the production of control boards for missiles and torpedoes, worked as a private investigator, managed a textbook warehouse, and lived in South America.

Shawn's varied experience and wider view of the world brings a decidedly different perspective to problem solving, and his mission is to both encourage and assist organizations in rising to the challenges of our day.

Consulting, Training, and Coaching In

  • Talent Management
  • Enterprise Service Management
  • Project Management
  • IT Governance

"Shawn has helped us move much closer to one of our high ranking strategic goals: data-informed decision making. This will enable us to discover student needs, make better decisions, and free us from a vendor-driven buying process."

-- Derek Bierman, VP of Technology Services, Northeast Community College